Softball Information

Softball FAQs

I’ve never played/even heard of Softball before. Can I still join?

Most players joining softball teams have never played the game before, and most don’t know the rules. The game is very simple to understand, and with our coaching and training sessions, you will pick up the game in no time.

What do I need to wear?

Sports attire is recommended, as are comfortable trainers. Studded boots can be used on some fields, but generally aren’t needed. We are a summer sport, but judge the weather accordingly; chillier days will necessitate jumpers or hoodies, hot summer days require caps and sunglasses (and sun cream).

What about a fielding glove? Do I need to buy one?

We provide fielding gloves for all new players joining the team for training and practice. Most, if not all players, eventually buy a personal glove as they get hooked on the sport. We can point you in the right direction if you want to purchase your own, as prices vary wildly, and baseball gloves may not be suitable for larger softballs. As a note to remember, in softball, you wear the fielding glove on the opposite hand to which you throw the ball. Right handed players wear gloves on their left hand and vice versa.

When and where is practice?

Practice will take place on Tuesday evenings from 6pm or 6:30pm depending on time of year for light, and Sunday mornings from 10am. Our sessions start in March and run throughout the year until September.

Will we be playing other teams competitively?

2018 was spent getting players up to speed with the rules of the sport. We are set to enter the Solent Softball League in 2019. There may be opportunities for players to be "loaned" to teams for single games during the season to allow players to get competitive experience.

How much does all this cost?

The league and governing body each have registration fees as well as compulsory insurance. The team may also have to pay to use a pitch in the area. Typically, teams charge anything between £40-60 a year’s subscription, as well as between £3-5 per game played. It was agreed at our inauguration by founding members, that the Vikings would run a pay monthly subscription of £6 per month. This would then cover registration and match fees, as well as heavily subsidise other team events such as tournaments, or jerseys. We are a non-profit team and it is not our aim to make money off our players. We plan to make it as cheap as possible whilst still being able to participate in the sport.

When does the season start and end?

Softball is seasonal, so the season starts when the weather starts to get sunnier and the evenings get lighter. The Solent league has most teams play at a single venue in Portsmouth, which only opens on April 1st. Thus, the league season kicks off in April. We are looking to start as soon as possible as we don’t have those restrictions here in the area. Our first training session is scheduled for March 3rd with the venue to be confirmed.

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